The eight simple steps to building your new modular home.

At Blok Modular we make building your new modular home easy, with an efficient and structured building process that ensures the building and installation of your prefabricated home is done as quickly as possible. We have been building and installing modern prefab homes for a number of years and always review and adapt our processes to guarantee we continue to deliver modular excellence.


1 - Choose your Model, Pick your Colour, Pick your Cladding

The simplest way to start is by browsing our off-the-shelf models on the Products page – after years of designing with the modules we’ve found these are the most economical and popular configurations. Find the plan that suits you best, pick an exterior colour and your favourite cladding option and plug in whichever optional extras take your fancy. Then call or email us and we’ll give you a fixed price and install date. Then call or email us and we’ll give you a fixed price and install date for you new prefab home.

2 - Modify your Modules

If you can’t decide which prefabricated home to go for please give us a ring and we’ll guide you through some options, or from $800 one of our architects will modify any of our off-the-shelf models to suit your needs. And if you want to start from scratch on an ambitious game of life-sized Tetris, our architects will gladly meet you on site and go through all the options. We pride ourselves on making our modular prefab homes extremely flexible.

3 - Project Proposal

Once we’ve worked out exactly what you’re getting we’ll provide you with a detailed specification and project proposal you can take to your bank.

4 - Building Approval Fee

When you’re happy to proceed with your order, you pay the Building Approval Fees (shown on the project proposal) and we will lodge all the documentation for Building Approval. (includes soil test, engineering, energy report, certification costs, plumbing application, Building Application drawings.)

5 - Pay your deposit and fabrication begins!

A construction deposit of 10% is required and we begin fabrication of your prefab house in our warehouse.This process takes approximately 6 weeks and progress payments are collected during this period (detailed in your project proposal).

6 - Services and footings installation

When your modules(s) are nearly ready for delivery our team of licenced builders arrives onsite to install water, electricity and sewerage services and footings.

7 - Installation day

The modules are delivered on trucks and craned directly into place on their footings and services are connected. The installation process of prefab homes will take only 1 day, and then our team will continue onsite to install decks, paths, driveways or whatever else you’ve chosen.

8 - Move in day!

The final payment is made, keys are handed over, and you are ready to enjoy your new piece of modular modern architecture.

This process can be as quick as 8 weeks, with on-site work reduced to as little as 2 days!

Advantages of our Prefabricated Homes

Australian Made

Our modules are designed and built in our warehouse in Brisbane, so if you’re local you can visit us and see your modules under construction. We use only quality materials and fixtures, which have been selected and tested over 30 years of construction experience.


Your prefab home is meticulously designed and reviewed against the latest developments in modern architectural innovation from all over the world to ensure you’re experience of living in your modular house is as pleasurable and exciting as possible, now and for years to come.

Fully Customisable

When you buy a Blok Modular house you’ve got the benefit of a full architecture practice behind you who can quickly and cheaply modify your prefab house to suit your lifestyle of site constraints, we work closely with our clients to achieve great results born out of close collaboration.

Installation Anywhere in Australia

Our construction team has many years of experience designing prefab homes and working on large rural and regional housing projects as well as inner city commercial developments, so we bring this experience and efficiency to bear on delivering your project even in the furthest reaches of the continent.

We Take Care of all Approvals

Unlike other modular housing manufacturers, we pride ourselves on offering seamless project delivery, from design through certification and construction, so all your services and appliances are connected when we place the keys in your hand. We’ll act as your agent throughout, complying with all building codes and local planning codes to eliminate issues and maximise efficiency. We believe it shouldn’t be any other way.